DGT HetmanDispatching alarm broadcast system


The DGT HETMAN system is a modern dispatch-alarm-broadcast system used in mining companies and others having similar technical and operation requirements. The system may be used in industrial plants and mines, where the explosion danger factor is high or there are other hazards involved, which force the use of special communications solutions.

The system provides dispatchers with access to special alarm and maintenance functions. They are adapted to the specifics of a company operating in continuous traffic with high requirements regarding the quality and reliability of communications. DGT Hetman cooperates with factory methane metering systems and systems for visualization of technological processes. It is adapted to work in difficult and dangerous environmental conditions (ATEX). It is possible to use specialized intrinsically safe barriers, telephones and telephone signaling devices from various manufacturers.

The system can be used in facilities where there is a threat to human life.

The system includes:

  • Telecommunication server ((DGT MCS or DGT 3130 BPS)
  • DGT 5810-11 dispatch console with an LCD touch-screen
  • Event and communication recording system based on the DGT 5810 NetCRR recorders
  • Intrinsically safe barrier
  • JANTAR telephone signaling devices
  • KORAL mining phones
Key features:
  • Sending of alarm signals
  • Sending of warning messages
  • Setting any telephone to tap mode
  • Setting up a call via backup line
  • Additional features facilitating the dispatch calls support
  • Event recording
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