DGT 3130 BPSModern TDM/VoIP communication


A fully functional, modern and flexible telecommunication server, characterized by small dimensions,

The server integrates classic TDM telephony and new VoIP technologies. It has open interfaces (CTI - Computer Telephony Integration, TAPI - Telephony Application Programming Interface, XML - Extensible Markup Language), is scalable and easy to use.

The DGT 3130 BPS server works unattended. With the help of dedicated software, you can configure it, test it, monitor its operation and make tariffs. It is a reliable and easy to manage device.


Product designation

  • Media signaling gate - SIP / H323 / DSS1 / SS7 / QSIG, V5.X
  • VoIP / TDM switching module


Basic features:

  • Closed housing structure of each of the three modules (2U height and 19 "width),
  • Three versions (modules):
    • DGT 3130.01 BPS-GMS (steering-traction module),
    • DGT 3130.02 BPS-MSL (control-line module),
    • DGT 3130.03 BPS-ML (linear module).
  • A common hardware platform for all solutions,
  • Masking panel covering the front - dedicated to each version,
  • 230 V AC power supply,
  • Mechanics adapted to assemble classic 6U and 3U packages.


Basic functionalities:

  • standard PABX functions:
    • number identification: DDI, MSN, CLIP, CLIR, COLP, COLR, MCI, OCB, SUB, TP,
    • CW call waiting, CH calls on hold,
    • call transfer: CT, CFB, CFNR, CFU,
    • conference calls: CONF, 3PTY,
    • tariffs: AOC, AOCD, AOCE,
  • VoIP telephony
  • commutation of data and speech nx64kbit / s signals with signaling,
  • cooperation with the intelligent IN network in order to create virtual VPN networks,
  • open architecture for delivered networks and applications,
  • flexible allocation of numbers, services and authorizations for each subscriber,
  • possibility of creating a unified numbering plan in the DGT 3130 BPS network,
  • remote management via HTTP, SSH, SNMP.

The DGT 3130 BPS server works with any CB, MB, ISDN telephones, system telephones (DGT) implemented on Up0 and Uk0 contacts and VoIP telephones from various manufacturers.

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