Radiobox DGTIntegration of telephone and radio communications

RadioBox is a part of DGT Multifunctional Communications System which is responsible for:

  • integration of different radio communication systems,
  • dispatcher recording,
  • Alarm Modules operation (optional),
  • radio operation (if required through dedicated physical interface modules)
  • DGT PTT Connect system integration.

RadioBox is a element of Multifunctional Communications System DGT-MCS (MCS integrates telephone communication and radio technology). RadioBox allows you to attach to DGT MCS various types of radio technologies, such as TETRA, EDACS, DMR, analog radio etc. Solution supports radiotelephones, IP telephony, intercom and correspondence recording. Used hardware ensure stable and reliable operation even in extreme conditions. By using Radio Gateway- RadioBox it is possible to scale DGT MCS from simple system (eg. single dispatcher + one Radio Gateway) to the communications system covering the whole country (eg. hundreds of locations and dispatcher teams).
RadioBox can also be used as gateway for DGT PTT Connect which is Push-to-Talk communication system over cellular network. It offers all functionalities similar to radio trunking systems and many more : group and individual calls, group messaging, media messages, emergency calls, Lone Woker alerts, location and map services. Radio allows to connect any radio system with celluar PTT connect thus, increasing working range either for radio or PTT connect system.


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