DGT-IP RRailway Telecommunication System

DGT-IP R, Railway Telecommunication System is a modern, digital communication system designed for voice communication and data transmissions using all the available (wired and wireless) transmission media. It integrates and modernizes technological solutions used in mobile communication networks, operating so far outside the standard telephone network.
DGT-IP R, Railway Telecommunication System provides fast and effective communication between train dispatchers and all the checkpoints located within the railway station, adjacent stations, section dispatchers and distributed railway posts located along the route. Trains dispatcher console can communicate with any system user, regardless of the available communication means (wired or wireless, including radio).
DGT-IP R also enables the data transmissions necessary for proper operation, adequate security and swift administration of the railway traffic.
DGT-IP R functionality provides efficient maintenance of railway infrastructure, increases the safety of railway traffic, enables faster and more effective actions in emergency cases.

  • Certified by Polish Office of Rail Transport for use in Polish Railway, Certificate no. U/2012/0609.
  • Highly scalable, versatile communication solution designed for:
    - Train Local Control Centres,
    - Trains Stations,
    - Train Stops.
  • Support all kind of railway technological communication:
    - between train dispatchers, section dispatchers and linemen from guarded railway crossings,
    - analogue and digital - TDM and IP technology,
    - based on copper cables or optical fibers,
    - including radio communication,
    - GSM-R ready.
  • State of the art, mechanical and touchscreen based train dispatcher consoles.
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