DGT 3490GX WWDigital System Set

The DGT 3490GX WW is multifunctional telephone set designed for handling telephone communication, dedicated for using in difficult environmental conditions. The combination of the unique hi – tech and mechanical features makes the exchange the ideal equipment for army. The telephone is mounted in waterproof case easy to carry (transport case system of PELI) It is resistant to shocks, strokes and vibrations typical for the transportations in field conditions (load, reload, air – drop etc.). The telephone is able to connect to the DGT 3450-1 WW and DGT 3450EL mobile digital telephone exchanges by standard interface. The digital set has implemented a lot of modern technology solutions that simplify the service.

Key features:

  • Provide all the necessary, safe telecommunication services
  • Work in the most difficult climate conditions
  • Integration of the most advanced telecommunication technologies
  • Resistant to shocks, strokes and vibrations typical for the transportation
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