The implemented project is called: "Software-defined, universal radio interface for intelligent devices of the Internet of Things". It is implemented by a consortium based on the Gdańsk University of Technology and DGT.

The project has been divided into three stages. The first and second part are, respectively, industrial research and development works conducted jointly by scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology and DGT employees, while the third part is pre-implementation works which will be carried out only by the consortium leader - DGT.

The radio interface, called DUCH IoT, will be used to expand existing or implement new Internet of Things devices. The Internet of Things is one of the most dynamically developed areas of technology currently and concerns devices that collect and process data, and implement radio communication.

The project's budget is PLN 10 million, of which funding obtained through the National Center for Research and Development competition under the Intelligent Development Operational Program exceeds PLN 8 million.

We invite you to discover our new product - Universal Workstation DGT 5810-12. The DGT 5810-12 workstation is a ready-made kit for organizing any workplace that requires a reliable interface to conduct tasks in an interactive way. The set is a professional, efficient and noiseless all-in-one computer with an integrated additional monitor. Please click the link to know more about the Station.

DGT supports the services and institutions fighting the Covid-19 epidemic. We provide DGT PTT Connect software for free for use during a pandemic.

DGT PTT Connect is a Push-To-Talk solution. For audio and video connections, you can use smartphones with both Android and iOS. DGT PTT Connect implements all the functionalities available in digital radio systems, and also allows video connections in group mode and quick upload of photos in high resolution or other files such as plans, maps, diagrams.

The system has been awarded many times, including by the Chief Police Commander and Chief Commander of the Border Guard. The system has recently been made available to Polish mountain rescuers working on the slopes of Mount Kazbek in Georgia

DGT made its DGT PTT Connect dispatch communication system available to mountain rescuers working on the slopes of Kazbek Mount in Georgia. The Polish MEDYK RESCUE TEAM Foundation has included our system in the communication means used in the Bezpieczny Kazbek (Safe Kazbek) project. DGT PTT Connect has been tested and implemented. As Marcin Błeński, head of the Medical Rescue Team, let us know, "DGT PTT Connect is a useful tool."

The Bezpieczny Kazbek (Safe Kazbek) project consists of maintaining a seasonal emergency service and outpatient base (at an altitude of 3653 m above sea level). The Foundation cooperates with the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi and Georgian rescuers. The project has been under the patronage of the Polish Mountaineering Association and the Polish Mountaineering Support Foundation named after Jerzy Kukuczka. Annually, rescuers provide assistance in almost 300 situations. They carry out dozens of medical evacuations and several rescue expeditions.

In 2019 DGT PTT Connect received the awards of the Chief Commander of the Border Guard (Border Laurel) and the Chief Police Commander (Bronze Police Star).


DGT will implement the project entitled Construction of the Integrated Communication Subsystem of the State Emergency Medical Support Command System (PZŁ SWD PRM) by the end of 2020.

The project includes two tasks.

The first one is the creation of the independent SWD PRM Integrated Communications Subsystem for the purposes of receiving voice requests only for the 999 emergency number and for internal voice communication between the Medical Dispatcher and the Emergency Number Operator, voivodship emergency medical coordinators, dispatchers of other emergency services, emergency medical teams, as well as communication between Medical Dispatchers in Medical Dispatches and registration and archiving of voice chat records.

The second task includes the integration, with the PZŁ SWD PRM built in the first task, of existing radio communication systems which are used by the State Emergency Medical Service in particular voivodships.

Dispatchers will use the modern and ergonomic DGT DCA application, which will be installed on nearly 400 DGT 5810-10 Dispatcher Consoles. Using the application, a Dispatcher will be able to make phone calls, radio correspondence and listen to recorded calls.

PZŁ SWD PRM will have a capacity to service a minimum of 12 M telephone calls per year.

We invite you to discover our new product - Dispatch Miniconsole DGT 5810-15 with DCA application.

The product belongs to the group of DGT dispatch consoles and is the smallest in terms of dimensions. Thanks to the increased readability (LCD panel), intuitive and convenient operation (touch screen), the use of mini-console is easy and ergonomic. Please click the link for details about the Miniconsole DGT 5810-15.

On November 26-29, 2019, we were in Wisła, at the next edition of the Information Systems in Energy conference. Once again, we participated in interesting presentations, and we hosted our clients at our stand. We presented products from the M2M family.


For the third time we presented our offer at the largest event of its type in eastern Poland, the Energetics Fair. In 2019, they took place on November 19-21 at the Lublin Fair.

During the event, our product DGT UMAD received aa award in the competition for the best product.

On October 13, 2019, the toughened DGT team took part in the Żuławy Wkoło bicycle rally. This is the last marathon of the triptych "Cycling with taste". Despite the bad weather, we achieved a good result - we won the third place!


On September 25-26, 2019, the third edition of the Eastern Conference and Border Protection Fair took place in Lublin. BORDERS 2019 is the only event in Poland devoted entirely to the presentation of formations operating at the borders. The theme of this year's conference and fair was financial and economic security on the Polish borders and the EU's external border. We were there with the offer of military equipment and DGT PTT Connect, DGT MUŁK, as well as with the rail offer - we had, among others meetings with representatives of the Railway Protection Service.