DGT RIOTUniversal router

Radio Internet of Things – Internet of Things is currently a general description of M2M market.
DGT RIOT is a product line of multifunctional devices dedicated to data transmission in industry. Modular architecture of the device allows for multiple functional possibilities in configuration of WAN and LAN radio access interface.
The device has the functionality of a router, and supports a wide range of network protocols. It is based on a powerful 400MHz processor with ARM9 core and software based on Linux OS.
In the design and manufacture of the device, the components of high quality with improved resistance to environmental conditions were used, ensuring correct operation at temperatures from -30°C to +60°C.

DGT RIOT provides wireless WAN network access in GSM (GPRS/EDGE), WCDMA (UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+), CDMA (CDMA2000 EVDO rev.A and B) and LTE technologies.
Based on specific client needs the device can be equipped with proper radio interfaces. In case a wired access is required (Ehernet, xDSL), one of the available Ethernet interfaces can operate as a WAN.

DGT RIOT enables WAN access via USB modems. Currently supported modems are ZTE and Huawei devices operating in both HSPA and LTE technology. Upon customer’s request any other preferred modem can be added to the supported list.

Local interfaces
The device supports various types of local access interfaces which are installed based on customer’s requirements. The basic version of DGT RIOT is equipped with two Fast Ethernet interfaces and can be furthermore expanded with:
- RS485
- RS232
- Mbus
- Wireless Mbus
- 802.15.4 (Z-WAVE, ZigBee).

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