DGT solutions in M2M communications

Data transmission devices provide reliable transmission for various applications (e.g. suppliers of electricity, heat, gas and water). DGT communication devices (routers, modems) allow two-way transmission of:

  • maintenance data, required to ensure high efficiency in the supply of energy and power grid monitoring,
  • measurement data from electrical energy meters and meters of other utilities for data processing centres.

The devices are configured and monitored by the DGT OMC Maintenance and Supervision System ensuring secure encrypted transmission.

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In Smart Power Networks these devices are used for communication between:

  • electricity meters and the AMI/AMR/AMM Application,
  • PLC concentrators and the AMI/AMM/AMR Application,
  • the Home Network Infrastructure and the electrical power meter,
  • SCADA system controllers.

The product offer includes communication devices (routers and modems):

  • single system, operating in the 2G/3G/LTE or CDMA2000 standards,
  • two-system, supporting the 2G/3G/LTE and CDMA2000 standards,
  • MultiSIM, supporting two or more mobile networks of different operators.


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