DGT for Polish Armed Forces


DGT is a provider of comprehensive telecommunications and ICT solutions. He develops, produces and integrates innovative techniques for fast voice, image and data transmission, Internet access and broadband multimedia services using traditional media as well as converged networks. DGT solutions are based on the following technologies: ATM, ISDN, TCP / IP, IP routing, VoIP, xDSL. Since the beginning of its activity, DGT has been developing and providing modern ICT solutions for the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Interior and Administration and public administration. Stationary and dedicated communication systems for the army are consistent with military standards and meet the requirements of interoperability with NATO communication systems (EUROCOM standard, STANAG series standards, including STANAG 5040, STANAG 4206, TDM, ATM techniques).

Equipment and systems, adapted to work in operational and tactical and mobile communication and IT systems, have received the recommendation of NATO experts confirming the compatibility of DGT equipment with NATO military communication systems.

The Armed Forces, services of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and public administration need modern and secure telecommunications solutions to be able to meet the contemporary challenges of public security, which is often associated with sending military contingents outside the country.

Since the beginning of its activity, DGT has been providing digital communication systems with advanced dispatching functionality and telephone transit centers to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. These are specially designed devices. DGT products provide connectivity not only in the territory of the Republic of Poland, but also during Polish military missions. Communication systems in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chad, Iraq, Congo, Kosovo and Pakistan were built on the basis of DGT field exchanges.

Automatic switchgear, which are components of the Cross Connect system, were designed, manufactured and implemented for the needs of the national backbone network of the Ministry of National Defense in DGT.
DGT's offer includes:

  • telecommunications equipment for the fixed network,
  • battlefield communication systems,
  • cross-connect class teletransmission systems for backbone and access network construction.


ICT system integrating classic TDM telephony and VoIP technology

The ICT system manufactured by DGT is a communication platform which grew out of the best classic communication tradition and combines the features of a mature TDM telecommunications system and the latest achievements in the VoIP technology and Unified Communications (UC).

Users are connected to the system via:

  • IP/Ethernet,
  • system digital interfaces,
  • analogue interfaces.

Communication with the public network can be made through classic BRI/PRI, analogue interfaces, GSM and VoIP trunk links. The system can be offered to both new users as well as to users who have already had DGT systems made in older technologies - in such event the DGT server functionality can be achieved through appropriate updates of software and hardware.

Field, mobile DGT telecommunication systems

The field DGT systems are used during stabilizing a mission, military maneuvers, on training grounds in order to provide communication on the battlefield. These devices are also used to equip RWŁC-10/CT (WZŁ No. 1) communication vehicles the task of which is to provide non-classified communication and organise a communication node for the command station within the facility intended as a temporary centre.

Proposed products

System telekomunikacyjny, integrujący klasyczną telefonię TDM i nowe technologie VoIP

Recording of telephone, radio, telefax and modem connections

Instant connectivity between different radio systems at the action site.

Radio gate for DGT MCS system, integrating dispatcher telephone and radio communication

The terminal provides the user with telephone, radio and other functionalities in the DGT MCS System

Wielofunkcyjny terminal z możliwością pracy na styku UpN lub styku systemowym IP/SU-IP

Multifunctional telephone terminal for handling communications in the advice system, secretary-office or dispatcher

Wielofunkcyjny terminal ze stykiem Uk0

Integration of advanced telecommunications technologies in a compact and portable housing

The latest generation of digital product designed specifically for the needs of the army

Modern router for field communication

A server of modern field communication systems

A telephone set designed to support telephone communication in difficult environmental conditions.