A modern enterprise cannot function without a very fast and reliable exchange of information. Technical progress and globalization drive changes in the economy and force adaptation of existing infrastructure to new requirements and current needs. Therefore, it is necessary to provide not only a standard service related to voice communication, but also to meet the need for integration and convergence of voice services based on the integration of communication systems with data transmission systems. In order to keep up with constant changes, the industry needs a specialized partner who is able to provide comprehensive service and appropriate technical support as the current needs change.

DGT meets these expectations. Using the many years of experience and knowledge of the needs of the market, the company offers and provides comprehensive delivery of solutions for many areas of the economy along with installation and service. The solutions offered by DGT allow to integrate various communication systems existing in enterprises, and the system obtained in this way is able to fulfill all the functions of its subsystems. The new communication systems, with combined dispatcher and administrative functions, are equipped with interfaces not only for PSTN networks, but also for departmental, trunking, cellular, telemetry and radiocommunication networks.

From the beginning, we have been providing communication systems to many industries. Our products have been installed and implemented in mines, power plants, production and service plants.

The offer for industrial customers includes, among others:

  • construction of administrative, plant-wide and dispatcher communication systems,
  • supplies of routers and modems for measuring, maintenance and control data transmission in intelligent power networks
  • specialized dispatching systems for alarm and broadcasting of mining plants and other industrial plants.

The dispatcher communication system is an invaluable tool. The telephone module allows arranging queues with a preview of waiting subscribers, creating black and white lists. The radio module allows you to work with almost any analog and digital system, with the ability to listen and broadcast simultaneously on many radio stations. The conference module makes it possible to set up conferences between subscribers using different means of communication. The registration module, in addition to the typical functions associated with recording conversations, also records information specific to radio transmission.

Proposed products

Integration of telephone and radio communication in one telecommunication system

A telecommunications server integrating classic TDM telephony and new VoIP technologies

A small size telecommunication server integrating TDM and VoiP technology.

System komutacyjny w chmurze typu softswitch 

Dispatching alarm broadcast system

Rozwiązanie sieciowe, umożliwiające nagrywanie i archiwizację treści głosowych, wideo i tekstowych.

Recording of telephone, radio, telefax and modem connections

Urządzenie umożliwia komunikację poza zasięgiem sieci radiowej dyspozytora, gdy użytkownicy posiadają dostęp do sieci LTE/5G.

Radio gate for DGT MCS system, integrating dispatcher telephone and radio communication

The terminal provides the user with telephone, radio and other functionalities in the DGT MCS System

Station of any workstation for conducting tasks in an interactive way

A small size console to implement telephone, radio and other functionalities provided in the DGT MCS System

Wielofunkcyjny terminal z możliwością pracy na styku UpN lub styku systemowym IP/SU-IP

Multifunctional telephone terminal for handling communications in the advice system, secretary-office or dispatcher

Wielofunkcyjny terminal ze stykiem Uk0

A versatile family of SIP phones with advanced functionality for offices of all sizes