Energy Sector


For several years, DGT has been one of the largest Polish suppliers of devices for industrial wireless data transmission, which are used in Smart Grids

All major distribution system operators use the equipment we manufacture. These are very high quality but above all the highest level of flexibility. Thanks to our own R&D Department and our own production line, we are able to create a product with any parameters.

Our devices are used for communication between:

  • electricity meters and the AMI / AMM / AMR application,
  • PLC concentrators and AMI / AMM / AMR application,
  • Home Network Infrastructure and electricity meter,
  • SCADA system controllers.

The introduction of automatic measuring systems, remote reading of meter readings, statuses, alarms is almost everyday. Adding intelligence to measuring systems enables:

  • ongoing monitoring of data on delivered and consumed energy,
  • detecting and removing potential faults,
  • current billing for actually consumed energy,
  • tariff changes or the use of variant tariff models,
  • providing the customer with detailed information on energy consumption, which may reduce its use,
  • blocking the installation (disconnecting the customer or reducing consumption).

DGT devices enable bidirectional data transmission:

  • maintenance, necessary to ensure high efficiency in energy supply and monitoring of the power grid operation,
  • metering, from electricity meters and other media meters to data centers.


Proposed products

System komutacyjny w chmurze typu softswitch 

Rozwiązanie sieciowe, umożliwiające nagrywanie i archiwizację treści głosowych, wideo i tekstowych.

The terminal provides the user with telephone, radio and other functionalities in the DGT MCS System

Wielofunkcyjny terminal z możliwością pracy na styku UpN lub styku systemowym IP/SU-IP

Wielofunkcyjny terminal ze stykiem Uk0

A universal router designed for building intelligent energy networks

Modem for energy meters

Power supply with power status monitoring function for use in Smart Grid

Modem komunikacyjny do użycia w Smart Grids