DGT 5810-15Dispatcher mini-console with the DCA application

User terminal used to implement telephone, radio and other functionalities provided by the DGT MCS system.

It belongs to the DGT family of dispatch consoles and is the smallest in terms of dimensions. Thanks to the increased readability (LCD panel), intuitive and convenient operation (touch screen), the use of mini-consoles is easy and ergonomic. No rotating elements, guarantees comfortable operation (volume level 0 dB). The display with the highest quality and very good technical parameters allows for comfortable work both during the day and at night.

The DGT 5810-15 mini console is intended for small dispatch units, in which the priority is simple and intuitive operation with correspondingly limited functionality. Consoles belonging to one family can work simultaneously in the DGT MCS system.

The most important features:

  • efficient and convenient connection service,
  • transparent visualization of the status of supported links and performed operations,
  • simple and flexible configuration easy to use,
  • possible cross-linking and parallel operation of terminals,
  • integration of telephone, radio communications and other services.
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