DGT 5810-12Universal workstation

The DGT 5810-12 Workstation is a ready-made kit for organizing any workplace , that requires a reliable interface to conduct tasks in an interactive way. The set is a professional, efficient and noiseless all-in-one computer with an integrated additional monitor. Both monitors have the same dimensions and external appearance, which increases the Workstation esthetics. The station is operated via a keyboard and a mouse, however, at the user's request, both monitors can be touch screens. The station can stand on a desk, it can be placed on a rack or hanged on the wall. DGT 5810-12 is equipped with a built-in, mechanically retractable camera and can be additionally equipped with a DVD player.

The station is used as an extended Command Support System position for all types of services, as well as ideal equipment for the office workstations.

The DGT 5810-12 station is intended for continuous operation. No rotating elements guarantees comfortable operation (noise level 0 dB). The used displays, with the highest quality and very good performance parameters, allow you to work both in a very well-lit rooms and at night, when lighting is limited.

Key features:

  • Convenient operation
  • Noiseless work (0 dB)
  • One station, two integrated screens
  • Flexible arrangement of the workplace and device:
    • standing
    • on a desk-mounted rack
    • hanged on the wall
  • Flexible configuration of equipment and implemented functionalities
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